Susanne Häller

After longer stays on a farm in South Africa, Susanne, a trained medical practice assistant, still trained as an occupational therapist. Only when she had her own children did she spend less time at the rock and more time on farms. This with much joy and fulfillment. She draws strength from nature, likes to be on the move and looks forward immensely to the powerful place in the Verzasca Valley.


Simon Caprez

Even as a little boy, Simon could be found every day on the neighboring farm. Initially as a "follower", but soon as an active supporter. His enthusiasm for technology and machines grew and still accompanies him in his everyday work. After training as a bricklayer, he worked as a flight helper. At an early stage, he trained as a mountain guide and carried out this activity full-time for several years. From mountain guiding, he then slipped into high-altitude work and rock technology, where he has been very involved for the last few years. He is looking forward to being able to live out his manual skills on the Odro mountain farm.



"My name is Gianna and I am nine years old. My favorite animals are horses, rabbits, donkeys, cats, dolphins and deer. My hobbies are playing the violin and gymnastics. I am in the third grade. My favorite foods are tarte flambée, pizza, French fries, and "bookish" soup :-)."



"My name is Louisa and I am in the second grade. I like animals very much. Later I want to work something where I can help the animals. I play the guitar and do gymnastics."



"I am Flurin and six years old. I like it in the nature kindergarten because I like to be outside. I like to play floorball and I am good at shooting arrows. I hope that I can observe wild animals in Odro (hopefully it stays with observing)."