Odro – an exciting project that has been with us for more than a year. An advertisement got the whole thing rolling and hasn’t let go of us. We researched on the internet and found out a lot about Odro and his history, talked to Tobias Bührer about the Azienda Montana Odro and his work, phoned the agricultural office and made inquiries. On May 6th 2022 we were in Odro ourselves for the first time – and were fascinated by this beautiful and powerful place from the very first moment.


Many more conversations, thoughts, ups and downs, a few tests of patience, doubts, decisions, but also many beautiful encounters and instructive moments. 


A bit like the course and dynamics of a mountain stream: sometimes calm, sometimes quite wild, with waterfalls, turns, tributaries, but also natural pools that invite you to enjoy and recharge your batteries.

The water is clear, as most of our visions :-). 


A heartful THANK YOU to everyone who has accompanied and encouraged us along the way!

Valuable discussions, prompt commitments for work assignments, great ideas, (financial) support and competent advice in various areas give us energy and impetus again and again. 

We also appreciate the many “random” events that fit beautifully into our plans.


We are full of anticipation to push ahead with our preparations and to be able to implement them on site soon!



A heart project takes its course…