Odro can only be reached on foot!


From the village of Vogorno, Odro can be reached in about 1½ to 2 hours via a well-maintained and beautifully situated hiking trail through chestnut and birch forests. The difference in altitude is 700 meters from the post bus stop. MAP


Der Weg nach Odro ist der erste Teil eines ethnografischen Rundweges.

Anreise mit ÖV:

  • Zug Richtung Lugano/Milano
  • in Bellinzona umsteigen auf S 20 Richtung Locarno
  • in Tenero umsteigen auf Postauto 321 Richtung Sonogno
  • get off at the stop Vogorno, Sant Antonio

Travel time from Zürich: 2h 24min

Travel time from Luzern: 2h 11min

Travel time from Altdorf: 1h 21min

Timetable SBB


Get off at bus stop Sant Antonio, Vogorno:

  • at the bus stop take the short stairs to the parish hall, bypass it on the right side
  • above the church turn right onto the hiking trail and up to the road
  • follow the road for about 100m until you reach the turning point (sign)
  • turn left onto the road, follow it for about 50m until you reach the small staircase on the right side
  • follow the path until you reach the road again
  • follow the road until the next hairpin bend (parking lot)
  • from there turn right over the stairs and follow the well signposted hiking trail via Coletta (chapel) and Stavello to Odro


Arrival by car:

  • in Vogorno shortly after the yellow restaurant "Pizzo Vogorno" turn sharp right

  • keep right at the next fork (don't let the "dead end" sign stop you)
  • go up the narrow road, after two hairpin bends go straight on at the turning point
  • pass three more hairpin curves
  • shortly after the last hairpin bend there are six parking spaces on the right (if occupied see below)
  • from there, take the stairs to the right and follow the well-signposted path via Coletta (chapel) and Stavello to Odro


  • second parking possibility: follow the road until Costa Piana (end of the road) where there are more parking places. From there, take the trail, first slightly descending until you meet the trail described above in the woods and follow it to the left.