Odro is a mountain village situated at 1200-1300 meters above sea level on the slopes of Pizzo di Vogorno. It is situated between the village of Vogorno (500m) and the Alp Bardughè (1600m). Odro is reached by a varied and beautiful path. It follows a long ridge that separates the Valle del Molino from the Valle della Porta. Below Odro are the hamlets of Coletta, Torlètt, Stavéll and Pidoo. 

Odro consists of four small nuclei of settlements. The original names were: "Técc Fond" (lower roofs), "Ticc Zòtt" (houses in the hollow > rustici of the Azienda Montana Odro), "Sert" (enclosed houses > rustici near the Wildheumuseum) and "Cim' al Prov" (upper rustici).

The historical age of these settlements is evidenced by the presence of a beautiful shell stone in the center of Ticc Zòtt, as well as by the dates affixed to some of the buildings (17th/18th century). The depressions are particular signs left by man. According to Franco Binda (specialist in rock archaeology, well-known expert on the Verzasca Valley and author of many books), the shell stone in the "Ticc Zòtt", which was probably an altar, testifies to a 2000 - 3000 year old settlement. 


Azienda Montana Odro


The settlement of Ticc Zòtt consists of ten buildings. These were inhabited and cultivated by the local population until 1950/1960. The scarcity of meadows on the valley floor forced the farmers to gather wild hay even close to the peaks. The wild hay harvested on the steep slopes of Pizzo di Vogorno was partially stored temporarily in Odro. It was transported from here to the valley with the help of taut wires. 
In 1983 Louis Villars discovered the decayed place and started the reconstruction. In the meantime all the rustici and stables are in use again.

Two rustici as well as a building with a dormitory, recreation room and toilets are rented out to guests. In another rustici there is the kitchen as well as the accommodation for the staff.
The goats and donkeys are housed in the three stables.

From Odro there is a magnificent view of the Ticino mountains and a part of Lake Maggiore and Lake Vogorno!

















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